Introducing 401K GPS

It's time to take the guesswork out of your retirement plan investing and start managing your 401(k) with confidence. 401K GPS™ offers a powerful, cost-effective, online platform designed to meet your unique retirement planning needs. Our goal is to help you make the most of your retirement plan contributions.

401K GPS™ provides you a personalized 401(k) investment recommendation based on your individual retirement profile. Utilizing our proprietary Protactical™ investment approach, we also provide timely, customized allocation recommendations throughout the year. Our recommended investments are based on the specific mutual funds your personal retirement plan allows, making them easy to implement. 

For you, your advisor and your employer,
it‘s Retirement Planning Made Easy™.

For Members

If your retirement savings dwindled during the last market downturns or if you simply need an easier, more cost-effective way to manage your 401(k)… 401K GPS™ is your solution. Gain the knowledge and control needed to navigate your retirement savings plan with confidence. With our experience, insights and user-friendly platform, we help you take the guesswork out of retirement plan investing… it’s Retirement Planning Made Easy™.

As a member, you will receive a personalized set of 401(k) allocation recommendations based on your  individual investment profile. Working with your trusted advisor you can easily implement our recommendations with your plan provider. 401K GPS™ utilizes our proprietary Protactical™ investment approach to deliver timely, customized allocation recommendations to you throughout the year. Our expert team recommends the ideal funds for your 401(k) matched to your unique risk profile using only the mutual funds your plan allows. 

For Advisors

Retirement planning offers advisors and wealth managers tremendous opportunities. Expand your relationships with existing clients, attract new prospects, differentiate your service offering and grow AUM. The questions have always been, “How?”, and, “At what cost and resources?” 401K GPS™ has the perfect answer to both. After all, our unique online service is Built by Advisors for Advisors.

Our online platform helps you foster stronger relationships with clients. Your client receives a set of personalized 401(k) allocation recommendation based on their individual investment profile using only the mutual funds available in their plan. Best of all, you have access to this information through a secure portal to easily track your clients’ plans and personal information so you can offer advice and insights along the way. Throughout the year, you and your clients receive quarterly recommendations and alerts based on our proprietary Protactical™ investment approach to keep the dialog going and your client’s retirement plan on track. Discover the advantages of our advisor-based platform and start gaining your share of the 401(k) market. 

For Employers

Giving your plan participants a cost-effective means to better manage their 401(k) is a responsible, value-added benefit that helps them gain retirement peace-of-mind. 401K GPS™ is a powerful, easy-to-use, online platform that delivers the knowledge needed for participants to manage their 401(k) plan with confidence. Participants receive personalized 401(k) allocation recommendations based on their individual investment risk profile, using the specific mutual funds within the correct asset classes from their plan. It’s Retirement Planning Made Easy™.

Throughout the year, your plan participants receive ongoing recommendations and alerts based on our proprietary Protactical™ investment approach to keep them fully informed and on-track. 401K GPS™ will help ease the burden on HR personnel, cut costs and provide timely, expert advice, recommendations and alerts to your employees. Discover just how valuable 401K GPS™ can be for both you and your plan participants. Start helping your employees make the most of their retirement plan savings.